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Meet the New Consumer

Consumers have changed. Gone are the days when they’d be content waiting for a reply to an email for 24 hours as the previously followed general rule of email etiquiette would stipulate. Gone are the days when consumers
would wait for their Realtor® to handle their transaction independently without collaboration.

Gone also are the days when consumers would accept a carefully crafted marketing statement as the sole determining factor of why they’d hire a

Quite often we hear the catch phrase: ”consumer-centric,” but what does that really mean to consumers? What does it mean to Realtors®?

We set out to learn what today’s consumers base their decision on when hiring a Realtor® and the expectations they have when working with a professional to sell or buy a home.

Hopefully this article will help you answer this question: Are you prepared to assist the new consumer?

Click here to read the article Meet the New Consumer.

Meet the New Consumer is the November/December 2009 feature article for PROView Magazine, member magazine of the Pinellas Realtor® Organization.

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Great insight! Great review! So many times I think I am doing everything right. The article reminds me of things I need to brush up on to keep my clients informed about their biggest decision in life.



Comment by Rob Roland

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